Chobhe Professional Kitchen Equipments


Chef Navtej Singh

Arthur's Theme, One Lounge, And Esca.

I have been a loyal disciple of the brand Chobe Professional Kitchen Equipment (C.P.K.E) since my first RESTAURANT to ARTHUR'S THEME in late 1998. The beauty and professional workmanship of the equipment impressed me long before the C.P.K.E. line became available for my restaurant. The people representing the C.P.K.E. brand from the owner Mr.TUSHAR CHOBHE to those manufacturing the equipments are second to the none in professionalism and dedication towards their craft. While choosing equipment for the restaurant ONE LOUNGE and HOTEL ESCA, it has to be C.P.K.E !!

Executive Chef Shailendra Kekade,

Stone Water Grill & German Bakery in Pune.

"In the end, a great meal is not just about the food & the wine. A great meal is about an emotional experience. We try to make it an extraordinary one by creating a beautiful place, one filled with our team caring for you as the most important guest in our home. Our chefs are obsessive about the gastronomic details and fundamental techniques that are the foundation of an exciting culinary delight and a kitchen that delivers gourmet delivered on your table. No details or element can be more or less important than another. Because a great meal is not the one that fills you up. A great meal is a kind of journey that takes you to the source of pleasure (which you may have forgotten) and takes you to the places where you haven't been to before !!!"

Chef Shailendra Kekade is one of the most recognized Celebrity Chefs in India. He chose CHOBHE PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT for his grand restaurant and bar Stone Water Grill in PUNE and GERMAN BAKERY in PUNE. We share Chef Shailendra’s dedication to excellence and his lifelong commitment to the highest culinary standards.

Sandy Singh, Partner,

Prems Resturant and Swig Bar And Lounge, Pune

Working with CHOBHE PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT to design my new restaurant kitchen at PREMS RESTAURANT AND SWIG BAR AND LOUNGE, at KP in PUNE has been an absolute joy!! I knew that C.P.K.E. was known for their high standard of design and quality; so from the minute I walked into their manufacturing facility in Hadapsar, I knew they were the one for me. I was able to design my own kitchen, including open burners, a griddle plate, double French top, char boiler with cabinet bases, salamanders, ovens and a custom finished belly rail. Seeing the quality, care and durability of the design it has been mind blowing experience.