Chobhe Professional Kitchen Equipments

About Us

Headquartered in Pune, Chobhe Professional Kitchen Equipments(C.P.K.E.) is a nationwide company with manufacturing and production facilities, supply chain networks, sales offices and service networks across India. C.P.K.E. was founded in 1998 as a Commercial Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer in Pune (Maharashtra,India).. At C.P.K.E., our past, present and future are shaped by the intangible value contributed by the combination of our people, their commitment, innovation and craft. These are our pillars of strength and energy aiding us toward excellence which has made us what we are today.

C.P.K.E. is today a name that represents leadership in innovation & intelligent management of professional kitchen projects. Our tireless attention to detail, supported by a multidisciplinary team which is tasked to realise your need - to deliver the most creative cuisine to the gastronomical satisfaction of connoisseurs.

We have delivered some of the largest and most complex kitchens in India over the last 23 years. C.P.K.E. provides solutions to the food service industry and has equipped some of India's largest and fastest-growing restaurant chains. We offer turnkey services from restaurant concept and facility design to equipment specifications, in-house fabrications, installation and maintenance. Now, more than ever, C.P.K.E. will bring you the Kitchens which exceed all the boundaries of expectations!